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We have been asked by local Government officials to postpone our Show of Support to a future date.  
We are incredibly appreciative of our local neighbors and fellow parents being prepared to come to our aid, support and comfort at this impossible time.  We will need each and every one of you in the weeks, months and years to come.
Sandy Hook is a very small neighborhood, not even a town.  We are a one lane street on the outskirts of Newtown with barely 10 traffic lights.  Our entire community is already under a lot of stress. Between the law enforcement investigators and now the Secret Service, our town is at it’s capacity both physically and emotionally.  Protesters have just arrived in our town which is already hurting to it’s core.  There have been threats and evacuations on top of the unspeakable tragedy that we have already endured just a short 50 hours ago.
Our residents are even having a hard time getting to the grocery store to buy necessities for our families because of closed roads and the media frenzy.  While television viewers around the world may not understand that what they are seeing on television is real life, we know our fellow Fairfield County neighbors will.  
This can turn into a fiasco very quickly and our fear now is that our mourners will not be able to gain access to the church before the President of the United States arrives to comfort them.
Your presence here is welcome and your support is needed.  However, we respectfully implore you join with us on another day.” 

Hence, we are abiding by their wishes, honoring the victims and respecting the families by POSTPONING our Show of Support to a future date TBD.    Our efforts have not been in vain as not only does the town know that we have their back, but we have already collected over $10,000 on behalf of local parents that will go to Sandy Hook.  Please take the hour today (4:30-5:30) to quietly reflect in your own homes and perhaps donate the gas money you’re saving to our collection
Please spread the word through every avenue you know as we would never want to inflict any more stress on this town and will plan our Show of Support for a future date.

We are again coming together as a community, as Fairfield County parents and as human beings.  We aim to not just tell these families who have lost their sons, daughters, sisters and brothers that we stand behind them but to show them.  We stand beside them to lift them up when their legs won’t hold up any longer, to give them air when they feel like they can’t breathe.  

Please join us on Sunday, December 16th between 4:30 and 5:30 as we stand together to honor the memory of those lost and to show our support for the survivors.
We ask that everyone wear a white top and we welcome everyone and entire families to join us in solidarity.  

Location:  Treadwell Park; 8 Philo Curtis Rd, Sandy Hook, CT  06482

You can also donate to our Show of Support fund, 100% of which will go directly to Sandy Hill Elementary School for them to use as they see fit to benefit the school and to memorialize the lives lost.

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  1. Pam Powers says:

    Hi, I’m writing to invite you / your members to join a new facebook group, Newtown United. This is the information. Would it be possible to post a link to this on your page? We’re seeking to grow a critical mass to help our collective voices be HEARD. I’m not an organizer, but a member, helping at this point to spread the word or the group’s existance. Merry Christmas and God Bless all you moms!

    Newtown United is a grassroots organization formed soon after the tragic events that occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary School on Friday, December 14th.

    Newtown United stands with the children, the families, the teachers and the community touched by the massacre of innocent lives at Sandy Hook Elementary School on Dec. 14. We are united with the country to drive national efforts to turn the tide on gun violence. We are dedicated to ensuring the senseless act of violence that occurred in Newtown is never repeated. We are Newtown United. .

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