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What to do in NYC for a fun day trip with (or without!) kids.
Keep in mind that we are only about an hour from NYC so try not to plan too much for one day.  Kids can get tired and overstimulated quickly (heck, even us adults can get tired and overstimulated in NYC!) so try to keep your day trips there fun, light and only as long or eventful as they can handle.  With that said, below are the must-sees in NYC as per some of our members:

Toys R Us in Times Square
9/11 memorial, a museum (Met museum cafeteria having these beautifully designed high chairs that were also comfortable

both the Children’s Museum (upper west side/83rd street) (similar to Stepping Stones)

the Museum of Natural History (also upper west side, within walking distance to the children’s museum) are great.

M & M world
Broadway show
Fao Schwartz
Lego store big store, and they do have cool large custom Lego installations that are (to me, as an adult) impressive. But I’m not sure they’ve done enough to make it really appeal to kids. Certainly kids will pressure their parents to buy them stuff (that obviously you can buy elsewhere and wouldn’t likely want to lug around with you that day) but unless things have changed since I was last there, there aren’t interactive features that will engage children.
Bryant Park where you can ride the merry-go-round there. Central Park Zoo is awesome…small and easy to do with great exhibits.

Children’s Museum of Manhattan, which is very close to the Museum of Natural History — both of which my daughter LOVE going to!There is a casual restaurant (Hi Life) near the CMOM that accomodates kids pretty well and has pretty decent food (doubt they have a changing table, but make sure to use the one at the museum before you go and then keep your fingers crossed? :) It’s hard to plan to do more than 2 things in a day, especially since your toddler will probably fall asleep at some point.
my 3 yo and my 15 mo love the CMOM. We usually go to the Amsterdam Diner afterwards (on Amsterdam Ave). There is a changing station in the tiny bathroom. There’s also the Diana Ross Playground not too far away for some running around time. AMNH is close by, but it’s often very crowded. We like to go for an hour or two and then go to the playground.
drive in on Sundays when street parking is free and park on 5th in the 60′s above FAO and next to Central Park. We bring a stroller and take the subways, if we need to.
Carseats are not required in taxis

They actually service a number of cities, but it is great. You put in your date and approximate times as well as the address, neighborhood, cross streets, whichever you prefer and it shows you the rates for all the parking garages in the area. You can even reserve your space at many of them! It is great and has saved me a ton of money and time.


American Girl dolls? The store and cafe is just a few blocks from there.

As to a fun birthday lunch my vote is Serendipity 3 60th btw 2nd 3rd
alice’s tea cup on the west side
the Met (art museum ) has children’s programs
Crosby Hotel bar in the summer, The restaurant at the Ritz by the King Cole Bar, shopping in bloomies, & central park zoo
I would always try to drive in during his nap time then leave around his bed time. I would just bring pajamas with me and change before we left. LOTS of snacks while walking around (i bought the maclaren volvo these days and is nice light weigt and easy to use in and out of restaurants)  bring an iphone or ipad or books to help them stay entertained while you eat

Ice skating at Rockefeller center

Chelsea Piers has a bowling alley and an arcade in the back area of it. It’s a bit of a pain to get to by subway- but perhaps you’ll take a taxi or car (I always take my boys on the subway, because that’s part of the adventure- their favorite part)

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