March for Change – FEB 14th 2013

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MarchforChangeBECAUSE OF THE RECENT SNOWSTORM, Please see a few changes in our bus pickup locations


DANBURY  Park and Ride Lot @ Federal Road, I-84 by Duracell Linda
DARIEN / ROWAYTON  Bayley Beach Parking Lot Abigail
NORWALK  Cancelled – all riders must board at other stops Medha
EASTON Subject to Deletion or Combine with Redding. TOTH PARK Nico
FAIRFIELD St Anthony, 149 South Pine Creek Road, Fairfield Courtney
MADISON P&R I-95 Exit 61 @ Rte 79 Francine
MONROE Wolfe Park on Cutlers Farm Rd Jennifer
NEW CANAAN St. Marks @ 111 Oenoke Ridge Micaela (and Beth from LWV)
 BRIDGEPORT  Bridgeport High School  Susan
REDDING Redding Community Center-  37 Lonetown Rd  Lestina
SOUTH RIDGEFIELD  Jesse Lee Church on Main Street @ 9:30am Kristina
NORTH RIDGEFIELD  St. Elizabeth Seton Church at 520 Ridgebury Rd @9:30am Kristina
STAMFORD near High Ridge RT 15 @ 137 Exit 35 Kate
WESTPORT I-95 Exit 18 @ Sherwood Ave Susan
WILTON back of St Matthew’s church at the WEPCO complex Lucy

Our hearts are broken.  Not just in Connecticut, but around the country.  All eyes are on Connecticut right now.  What will we do about it?  What can we do about it?  Put all of us together as a collective, unified voice all focused on one singular goal and the answer is – everything.  We have all of the power.  Be heard. Help us: -Change the Conversation. Change the Culture. Change the Laws.

Together, we partner with Connecticut Against Gun Violence and their grassroots movement, March for Change, as we gather on the steps of the capital building in Hartford and plead with our legislators to enforce  common sense gun laws to protect our families

The march will take place from 11am-12pm on THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 14th at the Hartford State Capital building.  See HERE for a map of where we’re meeting in Hartford.
We ask everyone to come wearing green to honor the victims that have forced this nation into action.  Your families, including children, are welcome to join.  Please bring a friend.  Come dressed for the cold weather as we stand together in solidarity.

All bus seats have been closed as of 11pm on Wed 2/13. There are still some cities left with a few open spots on their buses, specifically Stamford, Westport, Easton, Fairfield, Wilton, Redding and Ridgefield. If you would like to get on one of those buses and really waited until this last minute, email that coordinator above and donate the $26 for the ride with the button below.



ALL buses will be at the pickup spots by 9:15am.  The march will be over by 12 or 12:30pm so estimate a return time of about 2-3pm to your same location

Weston also has buses running from their town, but collecting names and RSVPs in person, if you would like to join a Weston bus, please email Nadine.
Bridgeport also has buses leaving, but not through this page.  If you are interested in leaving from Bridgeport, please email Madeline.
Greenwich has buses leaving organized by the League of Women Voters, Greenwich and leaving from Greenwich High School at 10 Hillside Road at 8:15am. $10 for members, $25 for non members.  Please email Claudia to join in Greenwich.
Litchfield County has their own system for buses.  Please email their respective coordinators for payment and pick up instructions.
Jessica from Litchfield
Heidi from Kent
Lori from Warren
Chrissy from Washington

New London
 has buses being arranged by Sally leaving from All Souls Church at 9am.  Email her for more details.

Newtown will also have buses running to Hartford for this march, which will likely be comped, if you are in Newtown and would like to join a bus there please email Nancy.

If you are unable to pay for a bus seat but still want to join us for this march, email the organizers as we do have sponsored spots available on each bus!

If you are unable to attend this march but would like to “Sponsor a Rider” or otherwise donate to the operations of this march, please click here.
Note, donations made through this link are NOT Tax-Deductible as this is going towards a legislative effort, not a charitable or education effort.

-Change the Conversation.  Instead of MORE armed guards, how about LESS guns?  Instead of taking an extreme approach, let’s respect everyone’s rights, including our right to safety.
-Change the Culture.  Instead of making this a polarizing political conversation, let’s all approach this as concerned parents and citizens looking to protect our most precious asset – our children.
-Change the Laws.  It’s a lengthy process and one that, appropriately so, requires an uphill battle.  But, WE are the people.  We get to decide.  It can be tiring, time consuming and sometimes expensive to make our voices heard but our children and communities are worth it.


There are TWENTY school buses across the lower Fairfield County region waiting to be filled to take us up to Hartford and back.
Each person is asked to share in the costs of these buses at $26 per person round trip.  Parking at the Capital building is tough so this eliminates the need for each of us to drive (~80 miles) , park, find the location and drive back.  Not only that, but we can socialize all of the way!
You can choose any pickup/dropoff location that is convenient for you when booking your reservation.  The list below is constantly being updated with new locations, all at commuter parking lots – any ideas or suggestions please feel free to email us at

All persons riding need a ticket except lap-riding children.  There is also an option to be a bus “sponsor” just to donate funds without the need for a seat.  If you would like to “sponsor a rider” simply fill out the form and indicate that you don’t actually need the seat so we can allocate it for someone else.

All Payments for bus seats and donations towards MFC are non-refundable and NOT tax-deductible.  If you find you are unable to go to the march and have paid for a bus seat, you can transfer your seat to another person by emailing the new name to  but because bus payments are due and final, no refunds can be made.

If your town says “subject to deletion” you WILL be notified before we combine/delete and will get a refund if you’d prefer not to get on at any other stop

EVERY Single person who purchases a bus seat at ANY location will get an email confirmation by 2/11 from “” confirming your city, coordinators name and pick up location address and time

EACH city, based on the people on their buses, will be able to choose a pickup TIME all of their own.  So, if your school drop offs in City X are later than most, that’s OK!  Just tell your coordinator you guys want to leave a bit later and your bus will be there waiting for you.  The same with return times, if you would rather not stay until 1pm, that’s OK!  Just tell your coordinator and decide as a group to leave Hartford by 12, 12:15, 12:30 – whatever.  Meet back at your waiting bus and be on your way.  Each coordinators name and email is above and all riders will be connected with their coordinators prior to 2/14 as well.

You can ALWAYS directly email your town coordinator by clicking on their name to email them or emailing us at if you have no Coordinator listed

Yes, we love you :-)


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  1. Why people still use to read news papers when in
    this technological world all is existing on net?

  2. El Papa says:

    First, my condolences to the victims of Sandy Hook. No words can comfort their heart fully.

    At this emotional state, I think it is best to step back and let everything sink in before we march, or make a decision that forever will change the land of America forever.

    The truth is banning guns from law abiding citizens will not change anything. Criminals will find a way to find illegal guns one way or the other. So in short, good guys will be disarmed by law, while the criminals will break the law anyways to be armed. This will only lead to more casualties. History has shown to do so already on other countries that banded guns.

    The right to defend our family should not be taken away no matter what. Remember, criminals will always have guns and if you are lucky do dial 911, the police will come… but after 15 min.

    So what is my solution? My solution is to take a step back to begin with. Lets really think about this matter before we jump right in, in the name of Peace. Lets remember that this land of ours always had guns. People had guns on their porches, never locked their house doors, yet no massacres of this magnitude happened back then when we were growing up. So we must ask ourselves, what changed? The number of guns didn’t changed from when we were growing up. In fact, it decreased. Instead of blaming all on the guns, maybe we should look at our decaying moral society and educational system. Maybe that’s a starting point.

    So I ask moms and dads, to take a step back, look at all the statistics, check countries that already had band guns, and see their crime rates. Look at the big picture before we make an emotional decision that will change this land forever.

    Do we really want our kids to leave in a land without the ability to defend themselves from criminals? Criminals will always find a way to get guns and police will come 15mins late.

    Above all, we are talking about getting rid of our second amendment, which is the last defense against tyranny, God forbid it happens… but sadly, history has also shown that democracy, leads into socialism, which leads into communism, which leads into tyranny.

    Please lets looks at the big picture before we march. before we make a decision based on emotion. For the future of our kids.

  3. Nanc Van CLief says:

    I have missed deadline and would like an Easton or Redding bus. ANy hope?

  4. I ought you might be interested in my On Our Radar column this week: On Our Radar – Meg Staunton and Nancy Lefkowitz, Planting Seeds Of Change To America’s Gun Culture

    Two Connecticut mothers from the shadow of Newtown are using their professional skills to spread the seeds for a less violent gun culture on the winds of change.

  5. rebelpatriot1775 says:

    The state must declare the children to be the most precious treasure of the people. As long as the government is perceived as working for the benefit of the children, the people will happily endure almost any curtailments of liberty and deprivation”. Adolph Hitler in Mein Kampf.

    I cried for those Newtown. It’s a shame you use their deaths to promote your agenda. The government has no right to restrict my choice of weapon for defenss of self or home. It’s a God-given right.

    What country can preserve its’ liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms, the remedy is to set them right as to facts, pardon and pacify them. What signify a few lives lost in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is nature’s manure”.
    Thomas Jefferson.

    Myself, and many others, will not obey unconstitutional laws by registering or giving up our assault rifles. If they want them they can come and get them. Perhaps you would be kind enough to convey this message to the tyrants in Hartford.

  6. Rcahel Tomassone says:

    What changes are you wanting as far as Ct. gun laws? When you say “everything” that leaves a lot ….missing.

  7. kathy murdy says:

    Is there still room on the bus that leaves from Newtown? Where is the location? I am a preschool teacher in Newtown and would like to March. Thanks

  8. Jackie Barchilon says:

    I would like to go on a bus from Westport, but I just missed the
    online registration deadline.
    Does anyone know if I can still purchase a ticket?
    If so, whom do I contafct?

  9. Pam Curley says:

    Are there any buses near the Middlebury/Waterbury line?

  10. Pam Curley says:

    Are there any buses near the Middlebury/Waterbury area?

  11. Susan Chin says:

    Where is the Monroe bus picking up?

    • John Whitbeck says:

      Susan, the pickup spot in Monroe is the upper Wolfe Park parking lot, right near the intersection of Cutler’s Farm and Cross Hill roads. We’d love to have you!

  12. Sheila Cole says:

    I would be coming from Newtown. Is there a bus available or can you tell me how I can organize one?

  13. Karen Dydzuhn says:

    I am writing a preview story for local newspapers about the March for Change. I need to talk to the bus coordinators from Redding, Darien, Trumbull, Bridgeport and Shelton. Please contact me at I am also attending the March on the Monroe bus and I really need to hear from the Monroe team captain.

    Thank you,
    Karen Dydzuhn

  14. marjorie ruggeri says:

    I would like to coordinate the Milford bus! Tell me how!

    • Karen Dydzuhn says:

      Are you coordinating Milford bus? I am writing a story for the Milford Mirror. Could you email me at and tell me why you became involved and what you hope to achieve at the march for change? Thank you so much, Karen Dydzuhn

  15. Ann webb says:

    Can people call instead, to make a bus reservation?

  16. Ellie Shafer says:

    Is the Westport departure point the Sherwood Island commuter parking lot? ES

  17. Steven says:

    What time are we expecting to leave from Wilton. Can we find out sooner rather than later. I still have to get kids to daycare by 8:30 in Norwalk, could be in Wilton @ 9AM

  18. Nancy Weston says:

    will this website be the place to find out where to catch the bus on feb 14 from danbury? i just bought a seat.

    • Linda DiSarro says:

      There will be at least one bus from Danbury. I am coordinating on from the Park and Ride off of Federal Rd by Duracell.

  19. admin says:

    Catherine and Crystal, none from New London as of now but if you’d like one please contact the march organizers at

    Sharon, no problem – changed you although right now looks as if Greenwich might have to combine with Stamford anyway because of low greenwich numbers. We’re looking for a Greenwich bus coordinator (someone to get the word out) if you’re interested!

    Kate and others, exact pick up locations will be on this site shortly and we are confirming with permits, police presence, etc. Please be patient. FYI, Wilton will be at the lot next to Orems for those asking – that one is set as are about 10 others and we’ll update this page shortly!

    NO tickets will not be mailed out – each bus coordinator at each location will have a roster of who is on their bus, so just show up at the location and time that will be here on 2/14

  20. Catherine Deichmann says:

    Anyone in SE CT interested in a bus from New London or Stonington?

  21. Sharon Beasley says:

    I originally signed up for a Stamford bus but would like to switch my seat to the Greenwich bus if its available. Just let me know pickup location. Thanks!

  22. Kate Uhry says:

    I just signed up for the Litchfield bus, where will the bus be leaving from, and will tickets be mailed out? (I read you need a ticket)


  23. Crystal Noether-Banyon says:

    Are ther no buses for the the New London County for the March for Change on 2-14-13?

  24. Steven says:

    Where is the Wilton pick-up? I didn’t see it on this page. Just bought my ticket

  25. Steven says:

    Where is the Wilton Pick-up? I didn’t see it on this page. I just bought a ticket.

  26. admin says:

    The first Ridgefield bus just filled but we’ve just added another bus and opened it back up so go ahead now!

    • Susie says:

      I bought two seats on the third bus for Ridgefield but I see no location. Can you tell me from where the third bus will be leaving ?

  27. Lisa Gennusa-O'Connell says:

    I’m having trouble adding to my cart…I need a seat on the bus leaving from and returning to Ridgefield. Please advise

  28. diana drew-fleming says:

    trying to sign up for bus from ridgefield …. keep getting error message….help!!

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