March for Gun Control

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We are setting out to March on Washington to show support for gun control along with One Million Moms for Gun Control (not affiliated with the One Million Moms religious organization).
The March for Gun Control will take place January 26, 2013.  Please see below for more information and to sign up to represent Connecticut.

Gun Control March is an event to take place on January 26, 2013
Time: 10:00 AM

Where:  Washington, DC – Begin at the Capitol Reflecting Pool on 3rd St., NW (across from the Museum of the American Indian)
The March will progress down Constitution Avenue and end with in a rally with speeches and music and the Washington Monument northeast quadrant.  There will be speakers and events as well as a silent spiritual march down Constitution Avenue.

Interested people can RSVP to the event at Gun Control March’s Facebook page  One Million Moms for Gun Control National Facebook page OR our local chapter of 1MMfGC for Fairfield County

You can also join us for a Round Trip Bus Ride in a Luxury Chartered Bus (complete with bathroom and reclining seats) from Fairfield County, CT (location TBD) to Washington DC and back for this event.  If you are interested in joining on this bus with us, please fill out this form so we can better gauge interest and details. The bus IS a definite, so just fill out the form and wait to hear from us with instructions!  Our fellow Bus Riders will be able to march front and center at the Capitol as a tribute to the recent victims in Newtown, CT.

Please feel free to email Dave with any questions.

One Million Moms for Gun Control is a grassroots effort formed in the wake of the devastating mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.  The groups founder is Shannon Watts of Indiana and thousands have joined her.  They are growing by the day with more members and dozens of state and local chapters.  Together they hope to prevent more moms from experiencing pain and heartbreak from gun violence.

Gun Control March is a non-partisan group of concerned citizens who have gathered to create a march on Washington for Gun Control through the leadership of Suzanne Blue Star Boy and Molly Smith.  Two women for whom the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School was a turning point and they believe now is the moment to act.  The issue is about ensuring common sense regulations, not taking away anyone’s right to have a gun.

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  1. Tom says:

    No law – past, present, or future can or will stop an event such as Newtown. If it were true – we would have absolutely no need for jails. The undeniable fact is criminals and the mentally unbalanced simply do not obey the law.

    If a four wheel drive, green Ford F150 pick-up truck with a 20 gallon gas tank was driven by an un-licensed, mentally challenged driver into a group of children at a playground resulting in 20 deaths …

    Do we outlaw FOUR WHEEL DRIVE vehicles?
    Do we outlaw GREEN trucks?
    Do we outlaw FORD trucks?
    Do we outlaw FORD MODEL 150 pickup trucks?
    Do we outlaw PICKUP trucks?
    Do we restrict pickup truck gas tanks to 10 gallons?

    Clearly the answer is no.

    Infringing on the constitutional rights of US citizens is wrong. You have no “right” to take away the constitutional rights of United States citizens.

    • admin says:

      Hi Tom, We appreciate your comment and understand your point. I can assure you that if, in the space of 2 years, TWENTY Green Pickups continuously killed dozens of innocent Americans they would have been pulled off of the street without question.

  2. Nothing against CT. I’m a former Groton City Councilor. But why not expand the reach of your effort by welcoming people from everywhere to participate? I now live in MD.

  3. Theresa Barnett says:

    I was interested in your bus but didn’t hear anything definitively so I booked the train.

  4. Lisa says:

    I think there’s a typo above on the meeting location — do you mean to say ’23rd St NW’ rather than ’3rd’?

  5. Dave says:

    My family and I will be there! The organizers have invited us CT families to represent at the front of the march, along-side the politicians, clergy, celebrities and other influential types! Won’t you join is there?!

  6. Andrea says:

    Making it from CT to DC in 5 hours is ambitios, but I wish you best of luck and we’ll see you there.

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