B.I.G. Believe. Inspire. Grow.

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You are Invited to be a part of something B.I.G.

Introducing BIG.  Believe. Inspire. Grow.BIG_Logo_9.11 HORZ
We are smart.  We are part of a community of intelligent and creative women.  We are Interior Designers, Accountants, Lawyers, Photographers, artists.  Some of us have MBA’s. Some have MFA’s.  Some of us are stay-at-home moms. Many of us have great ideas. Or talents.  Maybe our dreams were put on the back burner because it wasn’t the right time.  Some of us have started our own business and are looking for new ideas.  Others are in between jobs, or looking to make a career change.  This is simply about establishing momentum – even for those of us who don’t know where we’re headed at the moment.

Introducing B.I.G.
Where connections are made.  Paths crisscross.  Brainstorms happen.
Dreams re-emerge and we get inspired.
This is where uncertainty and intimidation perish.
And you flourish.

Come See what it’s all about

The Stamford/Greenwich Area
B.I.G. Launch Event
January 29 from 12PM to 1:30PM
Kona Grill, 233 Tresser Boulevard;  Stamford, CT

Meeting in private dining room. Lunch (optional) will be available for $14 per person including tax and gratuity.

In the meantime, check out the website www.believeinspiregrow.com

RSVP by January 25th to:

Orna Fomin, Stamford/Greenwich Area B.I.G. Leader, 203-594-6762 or

Elaine Lanzillotti, Stamford / Greenwich Area B.I.G. Assistant Leader,203-716-1392

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  1. victoria nanarello says:


    Very interested! Would love to attend on Jan 29th at 12noon at Kona. Please send along details!

    Victoria Nanarello


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